How to build requests

API request consists of the following parts:

Server URL
Company alias mycompany
API component Category of request such as units, salesorders etc
id Sometimes optional id of document to be requested, updated or deleted
Various params Optional parameters for searching, pagination, procedures parameters etc

Request example (list all units from "democompany" database):

API methods

Profit API uses next HTTP methods:

  • GET - read documents list or one document with full data
  • POST - insert new document or update existing document
  • DELETE - delete existing document

Results pagination

Pagination is possible using _pageNo and _pageLength:


_pageNo starts with 0 (default value), Default _pageLength is 50.


Filtering is possible using _filter request.

Filter clauses presented by JSON array of records with next fields:

  • field - any document field could be used in filter.
  • operator - filter condition binary operator. Allowed operators are:
    • >
    • <
    • >=
    • <=
    • =
    • <>
    • like
  • value - searched value

Sample filter request

_filter=[{"field": "date", "operator": ">", "value": "2017-11-15"}, {"field": "date", "operator": "<", "value": "2017-11-17"}, {"field": "summaryRows", "operator": "like", "value": "%Volvo%"}]

NB! filter data (between [...]) should be URL encoded!

Sort order

Use _orderBy and _sortDir:


When _sortDir is omitted, ascending sort order being used.

Debug information

Debug information returned when HTTP Request header X-DEBUG is set to integer larger than 0

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